A New Bridge to Shows in Branson, MO

If you’ve ever been to any of the many quality shows in Branson, MO, before, you undoubtedly know about the only downside to this entertainment center – traffic. Now, however, even that minor downside is a thing of the past.

The Missouri Department of Transportation announced the opening of a new bridge across Lake Taneycomo for November, depending on weather conditions. This opening is the latest step in the plan to relieve traffic jams on Highway 76/Business 65.

Up until now, there was only one bridge across the lake, and traffic on it was heavy, especially during morning and evening rush hours. Locals and tourists alike would be frustrated, thus the need for a second bridge. The department worked out a solution with officials from Taney County and the cities of Branson and Hollister.

For a while, however, you can still expect a little difficulty in getting to your destination to use your Branson show tickets. Even though the new bridge will finally be open, the old bridge will be closed for re-decking and other restoration work. That project is expected to take a year. The total cost of the new bridge is between $ 12 million and $ 17 million. But the new bridge is being paid for with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds, and the bridge renovation is being paid for with funds from the US Congress and the Missouri Department of Transportation. So work should proceed apace, and easy access to Branson shows will be assured.

The switch from the old to the new bridge is scheduled for a Sunday, when traffic volume is the lowest. During that switch, only emergency vehicles will be allowed to cross the lake via the bridge. When both bridges are finally complete, they will carry traffic each way. However, only the old bridge will have a sidewalk for pedestrians, who will not able to use the new bridge during the second phase of the project. In addition, there will also be a new roundabout on the Hollister side of the bridges, eliminating the need for traffic signals and reducing traffic jams.

Some drivers are apprehensive the first time using a roundabout. The most important tip to remember is to follow the signs, as each locality regulates them a little differently. Another important tip is to yield to vehicles already in the roundabout because drivers are busy navigating around the circle and may not be able to see you. And never stop on a roundabout.

These construction projects have been in the works for several years, and local officials have been working to make the transition as smooth as possible. Detours are carefully marked, and you can get detailed guidelines at www.branson.com, the city’s official tourism website, to make sure you get to the shows in Branson, MO, on time.

The new bridge will make it a lot easier for you to see Branson’s beautiful Victorian downtown and get access to the area’s 47 theaters, including Yakov Smirnoff’s Dinner Adventure, the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead and Theater, and more. If you have Branson show tickets for these or any other performance in the near future, you may be one of the first to try out the new bridge. Be sure to get more tickets to the acclaimed shows in Branson, MO, and see how much the traffic issue has improved a year from now.

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