Rent Timeshare In Costa Rica

Rent timeshare in Costa Rica

So you want to rent timeshare in Costa Rica? Costa Rica is a very popular country for holiday makers so naturally there is a good demand for timeshare and vacation rentals. But if you are thinking of renting your timeshare in Costa Rica, you need to be realistic on your pricing. Pricing is dictated, like anything else, by supply and demand. So if there are a large number of timeshares available in Costa Rica, prices will be lower. Do your homework. Look online at places like ebay and timeshare resales companies to judge the average prices.

How can I rent a timeshare in Costa Rica? A question asked frequently but many people don't know how to go about it the right way. In reality, you have 3 options -

  • -Rent privately
  • -Rent direct from the resort
  • -Rent through a resale company
Each option has 'pros and cons' associated with it, and only you can make the decision on how you want to rent a timeshare in Costa Rica.

If you wish to use a resale company to handle the sale or rental of a timeshare, you MUST, for your own safety, use a company that is a member of one of the trade bodies such as TATOC ( ) or ARDA ( ) or RDO ( ) or ATHOC ( ) depending on where in the world you are. Being a member of these trade bodies means that the company –

  • Has a recognisable trading history
  • Is safe and financially secure
  • Must adhere to the rules of the organisation which is primarily to protect the consumer

For more information on how to safely rent timeshare in Costa Rica, please visit our renting timeshare advice page.