Carriage Clocks Make Your House a Home

We all have our own distinct tastes and styles. Nowhere is that more evident than in how we furnish and decorate our homes. Our choice of furniture and accessories really make a statement about our personalities and about what it is that makes us unique!

When I first moved into my new house, it was a bit overwhelming. My new house was twice as large as my previous one, and I have to admit, there were a couple of ‘unfurnished’ rooms for awhile! Slowly, things began to take shape. As I looked around my new environs, I envisioned how I wanted it to look, and then started taking action to make it happen.

In my new house, I have a family room off of the kitchen area…a room I didn’t have in my old home. This room is going to be where we spend a majority of our time, so I wanted it to be perfect.

We furnished our house in a traditional style…a lot of wood and warm colors. My favorite addition to the family room is one those antique carriage clocks. This clock was passed down to me from my grandfather, and it is something I really cherish. I have a mantel over the fireplace in the family room, and my carriage clock sits there proudly…chiming away the hours.

Those chimes are a feature of carriage clocks that I enjoy the most. It adds to the warmth of the house, and is part of what now makes it my home. As I am busy fixing meals for the family, or just going about my day, I can hear the soft chimes in the background, and it comforts me knowing I have created this space of my own.

Even if you don’t have a carriage clock in your family, you can purchase one and start your own family’s heirloom. You can either find an original antique carriage clock at an antique store, or maybe a pawn shop, or seek out a reproduction. There are some fine quality reproduction carriage clocks that are made with skillful craftsmanship. These reproductions are often made with quartz movements and batteries, which is less expensive than the old spring mechanisms.

So, make your house a home by adding one of the carriage clocks to your mantel!

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