Fundamentals of Timeshare Exchange

I know a little bit about timeshare exchange after owning and exchanging my timeshare for 15 years now. Learning the ins and outs of timeshare and timeshare exchange has allowed us to not only vacation at some of the top spots around the world but complete the exchanges with no cost. I figured out the system; let me tell you what I know so you can get the timeshare exchange you want.

It’s all in proper planning, son. That’s what my trainer told me when he was teaching me to paint a house. Obviously these are two different things but the idea is the same. If you are one to just sit by the pool, read, and relax then let’s focus on places that specialize in that. But if you want to get out and explore let’s plan for that. Now if you want to go and do one thing and your spouse is set on something else, well then that’s a totally different story. Be sure to make a list of what you want to “do” on vacation.

Do you “need” a 3 bedroom and the in-room jacuzzi or is that just a “want”. Make a list of what are “needs” and what are “wants”. You’ll narrow down the list of resorts as you do this.

Now it’s time to pick your resort. Make of list of resorts that meet your criteria in the locations you want. Let’s read some reviews from other travelers so we can begin to cross some off the list. Personally, I don’t trust the paid-for reviews. I like websites that have travelers write their own reviews. After reading several I begin to figure out what is good and what is not. Be sure to pay attention to reviews that mention the security of the resort. Search Google for the name of the resort and the word “reviews” or “ratings”.

Being flexible on your departure date is another important factor. The last step before you actually make your timeshare exchange is figure out your departure dates. The more flexible you are, the better chance you have of getting exactly what you want. And be sure to make note of the check-in days that the resort offers. Having more flexibility on when you can check-in will give you more flight options and more bargain opportunities when booking your flight.

Now it’s time to make your timeshare exchange. You can use your exchange company, exchange with a friend, or use a timeshare exchange website that connects timeshare owners to exchange amongst each other. Not only are some of these websites free which saves you over $ 250 in fees but they are a lot of fun and you’ll never have to sit and wait on hold. If you are having difficulty finding the resort that you really want, consider timeshare rentals.

Timeshare exchange is not as simple as it looks. I’ve learned that over the years. But the more you learn, the more flexibility you have and with more time to plan you will have a very good chance of getting the vacation you want. And if you can make the exchange for free that means more money for vacation. And these days that means a lot.

Timeshare exchange is a great way to explore new vacation destinations using your timeshare. Timeshare rentals is a way to cash in on the timeshare that you own. Come to TimeshareJuice today!