How Can I Sell My Timeshare Now? – A Powerful Tip To Get It Done Fast

How can I sell my timeshare? Is there places to advertise it, that don’t cost an arm and a leg? The answer to these can be very simple if you know where to look and the type of people you know are able to buy your vacation property. You have to find a place where the demographic of people, can afford what you got, have the time to use it and probably have owned a timeshare before. So, before checking on places to advertise, make sure the demographic of people looking at the ads, matches that criteria.

Here are 3 of the most proven places to advertise, that you have a timeshare for sale:

The first is pretty obvious but most people miss it. I’m talking about your resort… Your resort is a very abundant place to figure out info on where to place your ad. Ask the front desk people, the managers and some of the higher end staff where the residents have gone to sell their timeshares. Many times the resort itself, will have bulletin boards, newsletters or over resorts where they can list your property for a couple dollars.

The second place that has worked really well, is the print edition of Timesharing Today. They have been around since 1991 and have a very strong and loyal reader base. They carry all sorts of advertising programs, and have a very minimal cost for people who are looking to sell their property. Throughout the years, most people have had success with little classified ads, in Timesharing Today. Just make sure to include a detailed description, who your timeshare would be perfect for and why pick yours over all the others. This will differentiate yours among the other 100 classified ads, on the same page.

And the last place to sell your timeshare, would be through a timeshare sales and marketing company.

Throughout the last decade, companies like these have proven their worth, many times over. They have been able to take millions of timeshare owners and sell their properties in record amount of time. They can accomplish this because of how they spend millions on advertising, every year, to attract people who are interested in buying timeshares all over the world. In turn, they take your timeshare, charge the buyer a retail commission. Like closing costs on a home and sell it.

So you don’t pay a dime, and they get a property they get to make a commission on. That doesn’t even come out of your pocket.

Pretty neat huh?

I need to sell my timeshare for cash! I can hear the screaming thoughts now. You probably got pressured really hard during the sales presentation, with incentives, free trips and other goodies. And bam, you end up forking out $ 12,000 bucks.

Well, even though you are now seeing that it might not have been a good decision. Its time to see if you can sell it for hard cash.

And if you can keep all the money you put into it, the better.

Make sure you ask for a detailed analysis of the hidden charges that may be charged by these timeshare dealers. Sometimes, the commissions, trading fees and transfer fees are not very visible.

Remember their main mission is to sell your timeshare fast, so they can collect from these fees. This will become vital in choosing what timeshare dealer you want to work with.

So, the “how can I sell my timeshare now” problem should not frustrate you. All you have to do is decide that you want it gone and take action with a reputable company.

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