New Hawaiian Deed Service for Timeshares, Intervals and Vacation Ownerships by Deed and Record

Huntington Beach, California (PRWEB) December 11, 2014

Deed and Record prepares and records Hawaiian deeds for timeshares, intervals and vacation ownerships. Deeds remove a spouse due to divorce, add a spouse due to marriage, add or remove a co-owner, and fund a trust. Deeds are commonly known as “Vacation Plan Conveyance Documents,” “Vacation Ownership Deeds,” “Vacation Ownership Deeds,” “Interval Deeds,” “Interval Conveyance Deeds,” “Interval Ownership Deeds,” “Interval Warranty Assignments” and Timeshare Deeds.

For example, ownership in a timeshare, interval or vacation ownership is awarded to one spouse in a divorce decree or marital settlement agreement. Until the non-owning spouse is removed as owner, he or she remains liable for property taxes and maintenance fees. Until the non-owning spouse is removed as owner he or she has access to the vacation resort. Removal is by deed signed by the non-owning spouse. The deed transfers interest of one spouse to the other spouse.

Deeds are used for marriage. A newlywed desires to add his or her new spouse as a co-owner of a Hawaiian timeshare, interval or vacation interest. The new spouse is added as owner by deed granting joint ownership to both spouses.

Hawaiian timeshares, intervals and vacation ownerships are often overlooked in funding of trusts. A trust is created to avoid probate. But if ownership is not changed to the trust probate is required. Deeds transfer ownership from the individual to the individual’s trust. Deeds that transfer ownership into a trust avoid probate and court supervision.

Deeds are used to add a relative as co-owner. As an alternate to a trust some timeshare, interval and vacation owners add a child or relative as a joint tenant owner. In joint tenancy the deceased owner’s interest disappears by operation of law. The surviving joint tenant becomes the sole owner.

Company prepares deeds in format and manner required by Hawaii’s Bureau of Conveyances. Deeds include legal description, demarcation and interval control number. Deeds are recorded electronically and returned to the customer by email. Customer provides a copy of the recorded deed to the Vacation Resort Club to update their records.

Title and ownership change to remove a spouse due to divorce, add spouse due to marriage, add or remove a co-owner, and to fund trusts is provided by Deed and Record. Service now includes next day electronic filing.

This press release is provided by Mark W. Bidwell. Mr. Bidwell markets timeshare and vacation title transfer services through websites, primarily Deed and Record provides change in timeshare ownership in California, Hawaii and Florida. Office is at 4952 Warner Avenue, Suite 235, Huntington Beach, California 92649. Phone is 714-846-2888.