Sell my story

Having worked as an agony aunt and writer for over thirty years I am in the ideal situation to help you with your story.

Whether it is medical, emotional, sad, happy, romantic, it does not matter. So long as it is something that many other people would be fascinated to read.

Most journalists are desperate to get hold of your story and turn it into a money spinner for themselves. Often they will offer you peanuts for your story and then go on to sell it for a great deal more than they paid for it.

The reason I am more suitable for you is that I am an agony aunt. Dedicated to caring about people. Yes I am a writer too but the caring side of my nature is very strong.

And as I am almost retired I am not desperate to make money.  I have paid off my house and have no debts and just work a little.  In fact I turned away a lot of money when I chose to retire, so that proves that money is not the be all and end all to me.

I will put your happiness and welfare first.  I will not allow you to sell your story where you will regret it later or where you are underpaid.

And I have experience of dealing with journalists who tried to exploit me or underpay me, so I do know what I am doing!

If you are interested then you can contact me by going to my email address and sending me an email telling me your age, something about you and your story.  If it is genuine and suitable I will get back with free advice on how to proceed. That advice is free and with no obligation and is about you feeling better ,not me making money out of  you.  If it is a really good and suitable story then we will go on from there. You will then decide if you wish to proceed, there is no obligation, you may prefer to leave it, which would be fine. The important thing is to feel right about it and get closure if you have been through a bad experience.

My email address – without the spaces  is  feisty smart lady  @ aol  . com.  My staff will pass on any replies to me.

Take care.

Worked as a full-time, self employed, professional writer, clairvoyant, therapist, life coach and relationship expert for many years, with famous clients, newspaper articles and offers of radio and television work.