Sell Timeshare Through eBay

To sell timeshare can be so tricky especially if you don’t have any information on your target market where you would sell it. Although you can sell your timeshare to any of your close friends and colleagues, the unavailability of cash-on-hand may not be a solution when you are reminded by the due date of your timeshare maintenance fee. As the world is getting closer through the Internet, selling your timeshare to some of online hubs can be a solution. And one of this time-tested and well-known hub of selling your stuffs is eBay. Most online buyers nowadays go to eBay and they already know what to do when they’re there. If your potential buyer would go there, he would try to look into new posts about timeshare category and compare the things being posted there. So it is important that your selling strategy is not far off from the competition. The following tips will be helpful for you to sell timeshare on eBay.

Be guided. eBay can have a timeshare seller’s guide so you know what you need to do in the first place. This will also keep your post to last until a buyer comes out. Being a good seller will build you reputation so you can even sell other’s timeshares in the future.

Create an eBay account if you haven’t had one. Then login to your free account and provide all necessary information on your seller’s account to make your profile legitimate. Some buyers would think of a bogus timeshare selling when the seller’s account is incomplete or even inconsistent.

Spy on Posted Timeshare for Sale. Getting the information on front results after looking for some timeshares for sale in eBay can be helpful in formatting your selling strategy. Compare the rates, location, size of the timeshare, and specifications like number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Make your title also a little catchy to get the attention of timeshare buyers.

Define price range. Most timeshare buyers would bid for a lower price than what you would actually pay for the timeshare. Remember that you want to get rid of it so you can let some money losses in your hands. Usually, your actual payment can be the maximum price but you should indicate that you price is negotiable within your price range.

Decide your frequency of selling. You can sell your timeshare on a regular basis or via Superlister tool. For example, selling your timeshare might cost you $ 35 on a regular basis but you would pay another $ 15 if you would like to increase the visibility of your ad using the tool. You can refer to the frequently posted ads in your category whether most of them go through Superlister or not.

Follow the protocol. Simply go through the process of selling your timeshare abiding eBay’s guidelines step by step. Enhanced pictures of your timeshare might help sell the ad easily and quickly. Don’t forget to click “list item” when you are done.

Finally wait. Regular sell-out would take 7 days but you can customize the auction duration of your timeshare. While waiting for your buyer, prepare necessary document to transfer the title of your timeshare for smooth transaction. You would likely pay $ 35 for successfully selling out your timeshare.

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