Timeshare Assistance Inc. Now Offering End-to-End Deed Transfer Services to Florida Property Owners

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) May 28, 2015

Timeshare Assistance Inc, a deed transfer service provider from Orlando that has been in the business for over 15 years, recently reassured its present and prospective clients that it can successfully terminate ownership liabilities of any property owner. However, the management has maintained that this guarantee is subject to certain terms and conditions, of which the most important part is that the service is only available for properties without a mortgage.

On behalf of the company, a senior executive recently confirmed that if they cannot secure release, redemption or cancellation of a contract they will refund 100% of the professional charges. However, he also added that his company expects all clients to return documents expediently and on time. He said timeshare cancellation is efficiently handled by the experienced staff on board. He also emphatically said that clients do not need to approach money-mongering solicitors or unauthorized contract transfer companies.

Another senior executive who oversees the client relations department of the firm said that the professional charges include title search, title review, Estoppel authentication as well as cost of paperwork, company closing charges and all sorts of County Recordation fees and Resort Transfer fees. He made it clear that clients do not have to pay a single penny extra as their fees are all-inclusive in nature.

Michael Keen, who founded the company some 15 years ago and is now serving as the CEO of the company, recently met the press here at Northern Orange Avenue. He sounded quite hopeful about the further growth and expansion of his company. “For more than 15 years and counting, we have been offering professional services to Orlando and Florida property owners. We take care of the paperwork, work closely with our clients and ensure that our clients do not end up reaching nowhere. It is for our continued commitment to our esteemed clients, we have been a preferred choice for people in Florida who look for deeds transfer services. I hope we can continue to serve many more people in the coming days”, he said to the press.

About the Company

Timeshare Assistance Inc. is a deeds transfer assistance firm in Orlando, Florida.

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