Timeshare Exchange

A timeshare exchange gives you the possibility to explore new destinations; however, there are some things you need to know before getting too excited

In recent years, timeshares have gained an incredible popularity. Timeshare sales are an extremely profitable business for the resorts, and the salespeople would say anything in order to get a sale done.

During timeshare presentations, it is very likely that the salespeople will you give loads of verbal promises and attractive gifts for you to sign the contract; one of these promises is the possibility to exchange it with another owner. They will tell you that you will be able to travel anywhere in the world with it.

If timeshares were such a big deal, why there are so many people who feel they were scammed and are trying to get rid of their ownership?

Timeshare Exchange
A timeshare exchange is a one-time trade for time in a different resort. This process offers owners the possibility to experience and travel to new destinations around the world, however, an exchange is easier said than done.

Sometimes, to facilitate the exchange, many owners use the services that some companies provide. To be able to use those services, the resort must be affiliated to an exchange company, and the owner will have to pay a membership fee, plus other expenses. Nonetheless, there are a few things to take into consideration about these companies:

×Not all companies are legitimate: This industry is full of fraudulent companies; therefore, customers should be cautious about it.

×Not all timeshares have the same exchange power: Some are harder to exchange than others. If you own one in a small town it is not very likely that you can exchange it for a week in Paris or other big-popular destination

×Timeshare exchange costs money: The companies charge an annual membership fee, which needs to be paid before you can even accomplish an exchange.

How to Exchange your timeshare
There are 3 possible ways to exchange your timeshare:
Direct Exchange: This is when you trade your timeshare owner to owner. This is the most basic and cost-effective way to make it. This process requires finding another owner who is willing and able to trade their week for yours. Once you find someone, both parties should notify the company to get a guest pass for the family who is staying at the resort. There are several websites where you can list your timeshare to find people who are interested in direct timeshare exchanges, such as Craigslist and Timeshare Forums.

Exchange through the Resort: There are some companies that offer an exchange program, but just with their specific group of resorts. Hotel chains such as Mayan Palace in Mexico and Westgate in the US have this program.

Timeshare Exchange Company: This allows you to announce your week with them, and you can also choose from their inventory of weeks that other owners have listed. The largest exchange companies in the world are RCI (Resort Condominiums International), II (Interval International) and DAE (Dial An Exchange).

Some things to take into consideration
Before making a timeshare exchange, there are a couple of things to take into consideration to accomplish the process effectively:

×Find out when your vacation ownership is available for an exchange

×Decide when and where you would like to take your vacation

×If you want to make the timeshare swap faster and easier, consider joining a timeshare exchange network to list your timeshare online. All important information such as the name of the resort, the location and the exchange week must be provided.

×Make sure to upload photos of your timeshare. The pictures must be colorful and attractive.

×Include tips, advices and things to do about the destination and your timeshare resort

×Consider advertising your timeshare in newspapers, travel websites and magazines

×Make an inventory of everything in your vacation ownership. This is to prevent any kind of problems.

×Contact a lawyer and draw up a rental agreement to protect you and the other participants of the timeshare trade.

Timeshare deception?
As you may know by now, a timeshare exchange is not easy to be accomplished; in fact, there are many owners who have been trying to exchange their timeshares for years without a success. If you, or someone you know, own a timeshare unit you feel it was sold under unethical matters, or you’re not able to use anymore, or pay the ever increasing maintenance fees, contact Mexican Timeshare Solutions to get a free consultation on your problem. At MTS, our goal is to assist timeshare purchasers who feel they were scammed or taken advantage of by fraudulent salespeople and deceptive sales practices. As specialists in the timeshare industry, we are committed to offering timeshare help in a fast, friendly and experienced service to clients.Contact us today for a free consultation and get rid of your timeshare as soon as possible! You have nothing to lose, except your timeshare!

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Our goal is to assist timeshare purchasers who feel they were scammed or taken advantage of by fraudulent salespeople. No upfront fees for our services cancelling timeshare frauds. We offer a free consultation and we do not rest until get your cancellation.
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