Timeshare Transfer Businesses: A Simple Guide

Thanks to its popularity during the precession years, the timeshare industry has garnered a negative publicity by attracting scams seeking to cash in on the trend. With the increasing competition and onset of the depression, its image wasn’t helped as companies and their sales reps resorted to unethical practices to meet quotas. Many victims of such practices have sought to escape their contracts.

One of the main reasons for the rush to get out of timeshare is the unfulfilled expectations. Cutting corners on maintenance, poor amenities, unprofessional services and misleading brochure information are just some of the reasons why many timeshare owners have to regret ever signing that contract.

For others still, inflexible weeks and rising annual fees have become a bane to their yearly vacations. Rather than helping them have a good time, the bond of having a timeshare unit instead causes anxiety, and much worried planning and checkbook-balancing.

When caught in such a situation, asking timeshare transfer companies for help is the most logical and practical thing to do. Timeshare transfer companies provide quick and hassle-free solutions to timeshare nightmares. They take care of all the paperwork, guaranteeing freedom from future obligations, for a fraction of what real-estate agents cost. However, before making the pay, there are a few substantial points that one needs to clarify with these companies to make sure that one’s not falling for another trap.

Upfront Fees: Other companies call them deposits or advance pay. Whatever they’re called, paying these fees does not guarantee a successful transfer. Most companies will tell you that they are used to initiate the process and cover the cost for the primary paper work. However, it still pays to read the fine print stated on the contract. Do your part and find out if the company is legitimate in the first place. Also, make sure that there are clauses that guarantee a successful transfer or at least some percent of your money back in case the transaction does not succeed.

About their process: Asking a company how they manage their business and how they go about resolving issues will give one a gauge on the firm’s knowledge about the transactions they deal with. It also allows one to have an idea of the steps that the company shall take to effectively liquidate the property. Ultimately, this gives the client a rough understanding of the procedures involved, cost and the duration of the transaction. It is important to note that these companies use professional agents who are experienced with dealing with on-goings like these. These agents’ actions greatly affect the duration and the total cost of the transaction.

Issues and Testimonials: Having real people speak for the company is the best way to understand their reputation. Ask for names and possibly contact numbers of people they’ve serviced before so you can do your own personal digging. Additionally, it is important to research about the company’s background on the net. If the company was somehow involved in any scam or was accused of such, you’d probably see that on the net. Check for more information and then clarify them with the company’s agent.

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